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About Namakaga TV

Namakaga TV owns by Southern News and Entertainment Private Limited. Started up in the year 2007 as WEB TV in the brand name of TAMILWEBTV.IN and now in the digital presence and as a Television Channel.

Namakaga TV (formerly CMoon) - Tamil News and Entertainment Satellite Channel. Namakaga TV owns by Southern News and Entertainment Private Limited. Started up in the year 2007 as WEB TV in the brand name of TAMILWEBTV.IN and now in the digital presence and as a Television Channel.

You can find in NAMAKAGA TV, an unique approach offering programs that are unique and one of its kinds. In addition to India, the footprint of NAMAKAGA TV is available at 133 countries spread across the Indian Sub-continent including Sri Lanka, Middle East, Malaysia, South East Asia, Australia and some parts of Africa.

The Channel values the viewers across the world and the programs are designed and scheduled to cover as many viewers as possible. NAMAKAGA TV is the one and only Television channel having its studio at Dubai, which produces two hour exclusive programs for the Tamil viewers in the Middle East. The channel’s content undergoes constant reviews and we broadcast programs of all genres. Our infotainment programs include reality shows, talk shows, game shows, health shows, spiritual shows, lifestyle, travel, cooking, science, fiction, history, cinema, comedy etc.

Our Investigative programs is the real breaking stories in the competitive news field. We remain different from others as we cover more rural news and events before it turns stale. Our USP is our commitment to deliver quality and original content to an audience that is very discerning.

We aim to reflect the minds of the people and will act as a mirror in presenting their voice and opinions. NAMAKAGA TV will be entertaining without being offensive, we will be the first with the news-without being biased or sensational.

Our Strengths

  • Commitment to deliver quality
  • Viewers across the world
  • Available at 133 countries
  • Unique approach and programs


Mr.L.Shawnawazkhan, is truly a journalist of matured head on his young shoulders
Dr.K.Govindaraju, M.Sc.M.Ed.MBA, PGDJ, Ph.D. President, Tamilnadu Board of Continuing Education.

Mr.L.Shawnawazkhan is known to me for more than a decade and with his association, on the 5W’s and H (who, what, where, when, why and how), I see him as truly a man of matured head on his young shoulers, having many qualities, prominent scholar who possesses a pleasing disposition, veteran journalist whose name becomes synonymous with truthfulness and bravery in the field of investigative and Development media journalism, whose contribution inspire his views and readers. Mr.L.Shawnawazkhan as Journalist is savvy and smart, up to date with current issues and events, able and willing to seek out the best stories and present them in the most appropriate manner, he is a wordsmith and skillful with his speech both on paper and in person and in electronic media. He is adaptable with a passion for his work.

Mr.L.Shawnawazkhan is a learned person and a true lover of mankind and he produces the most authoritative and high-quality news in print media ‘Namakaha’ fortnightly and also in Television and web media. His contribution both to electronic and print media is immense. Born at Trichy, Mr.L.Shawnawazkhan Studied in Khajamian higher Secondary School, He has two master degrees in Public Administration and in Journalism and Mass Communication, Diploma in Cyber law, and completed Ph.D on the thesis of " Media in Administration". Entered into the field of Journalism while studying in school by writing articles in News papers also published handwritten magazine named "Masil" during the school days. Later, Joined as Reporter in Vijay TV at the year 1997 and worked with various television channels such as NDTV, CNN IBN, and Headlines Today as News Correspondent and presently Managing Director of Moon TV.

Earlier, at the year 2007 decided to bring out a WebTV in the name of "TAMILWEBTV.IN" which is first of its kind in Tamilnadu. This project was attracted by Government owned Tamil virtual university and produced educational Documentary films for the university. 85 Educational Documentary films were produced with the name of "Southern News Channel. Apart this, produced 35 Documentaries on Cultural themes and Documented 300 Half an hour programs.

The company Southern News Channel is headed by Shawnawazkhan which have divisions such as News Production Company, Web site development and hosting works, Documentary productions. Other Positions:

1. Founder Editor/Publisher "Namakaga" Fortnightly magazine which focus of Development Journalism

2. Centre for Culture and Media Studies - was established by Shawnawazkhan at the year 2008 to educate the persons who are interested in the field of Journalism and Culture. With this centre, they are conducting short term courses on Journalism, Mass Communication, Script writing. These courses were designed for the first generation students.

Besides his curricular activities he also took part in extracurricular activities. As an intellectual, writer and orator, he was widely acknowledged. After having gained reputation as a media person, he wanted to exhibit his writing skills, for this purpose he chose journalism for accomplishment of his aspirations. He was groomed to be a journalist; journalism runs in his blood because he has a wealthy journalistic vision and mind for social cause.

As a media person, he keeps himself up-to-date with the trends and developments at national and international schools in India and abroad, and in the higher and job oriented education sector. Mr.L.Shawnawazkhan is well-versed with writing a wide-variety of news features, ranging from Analytical features to Human interest features, First-person accounts, Explanatory features, Descriptive interviews, etc. He has outstanding research skills and an eye for detail with information and regularly interviews people in person or over phone, correcting the source, analyses data and links it to prevalent occurrences. Mr.L.Shawnawazkhan generates ideas for stories regularly and delivers the stories under tight deadlines with accuracy and insightful.

He has a flawless command over the English language. Besides electronic media, his other identity is print media. At his youth, he becomes an eminent figure of electronic media. As he has strong socio-education inclination, he began to host education and development Programs, in his Namakaha and also his Electronic media. His emergence as one of few most distinguished scholars of our time indicates that he has mature head upon his young shoulders. Through his contribution in media, he resolved the problems of masses. Perhaps the most astonishing characteristic of his intellect is the combination of idealism and realism which enabled him to find out the root causes of social evils. Due to his intelligent and selfless services through media, he truly became a prominent pressman. He also serves as Project Advisory Committee member of Tamilnadu Board of Continuing Education, vide, and also media partner to SEVAI, vide

He is promoter of Trichy community college for the benefit of the local youth for equivalency education, quality of life improvement, income generation and personal interest program for the rural youth especially for the welfare of the differently abled children, persons. He has incorporated the skills such as vocational skills, life skills and technical knowledge to youth and raise their efficiency and increase their productive ability; provides academic and technical resource support, including training its Resource Persons, Master Trainers, to take up vocational and skill development programmes, serve as Nodal Continuing Education Centre, through Life Enrichment Education (LEE), wide the knowledge and understanding of the social, economic and political systems among its beneficiaries in order to create a critical awareness about the environment.

Mr.T.Soundiah, IAS, District Collector Trichy nominated him as the media Partner for Trichirappalli District Welfare Committee and also its off-shoots such as Muthamil Kalai Panpattu Maiyam, youth and women development projects of DWC, Trichy. Mr.L.Shawnawazkhan also serves as State Organising Secretary for Tamilnadu Union of Journalist, Founder Secretary - Trichy District Press Club. He is a well known grass root social action and social thrust campaigner and positive approached humanitarian. He lets no stone turned out and covers Women, Child and Aged for their welfare and basic rights by implementing many programmes for this section of the people. Dr .L.Shawnawazkhan deserves national and international awards of excellence.