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What is a Thesis Statement?

Imagine writing a narrative essay as serving a course meal. In a course meal, you do not serve the main dish in a rush, you first give appetizers. This will build up expectation and will give the diners an idea of how and what the main dish will be. The same can be said with personal narrative essay. You will not write your whole idea directly, you first write your thesis statement for the readers to think about. But what is a thesis statement?

What is a Thesis Statement?

There are many kinds of thesis statements. But all of them serve similar purpose which is to outline the essay or to give the overall theme and lesson of the essay. It is equally important to know what essay you are writing to be able to write a fitting thesis statement. In the case of a narrative essay, you will be writing a thesis statement that gives the overall theme of the narrative or the lessons learned. Professionals can help you to write both essays and statestments; don`t worry about the price as there is a great cheap writing platform.

In writing a thesis statement, it is best to put it at the end of your introductory paragraph. You do not use it as the first sentence because readers may be confused and may forget it by the time they reach the end of your introduction. You do not put it in your conclusion paragraph as well because by then your personal narrative essay must be a whole mess. A good thesis statement is the lead into the body of your essay.

Tips on How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

A good thesis statement is a product of a three step process. The first step is to know the topic. It will be difficult to write a thesis statement of a topic you know nothing about. If you already have the topic, think of a personal experience relating to it. Get more information about it by going to the library or by searching the Internet. The more you know about it, the more informative your essay will be.

The next step is to limit your topic. A broad topic will turn your paper into a maze and readers may be lost before they get to the end of it. A more specific topic will be an easier read and a more satisfying one. The last step is to brainstorm. It is difficult to organize your idea in one sitting, it is possible that your mind will be filled with various information about your topic. To deal with that, write everything you think of in a piece of paper. Let your mind wander and let it think. After which, group them together accordingly. By then, you will observe a pattern. Use this pattern in creating the thesis statement of your narrative.

Writing Your Narrative Essay

A thesis statement is not the end of it all, rather, it is the beginning in writing your narrative essay. A narrative essay is a personal story. This means that you are the storyteller and you use the basic rules in essay – the plot, setting, character development, and conflict. But with a narrative essay, you can get more personal and creative in your essay’s structure and organization. If you facing troubles while writing an essay, look for assistance at

To sum it all up, a personal narrative essay has to be written in your voice. It is your story to tell so be creative and spill bits of you in a way that will hook your readers. To do that, make a good thesis statement. This will serve as your guide that will lead you to creating an organized essay.

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